Meet Your Designer

Beary Sudsy Soap Company started with a dream of being the best earth friendly bath and body company. We focus on building a quality line of products, and offer our customers knock your socks off service! We've found that our customers want to be responsible consumers and good stewards of the earth, sometimes they just need help finding the way. Through education and interpretation we ensure that our customers become knowledgeable consumers in the marketplace.

We take our time with each customer to show them how to read and research ingredients labels, and interpret these ingredients health to both the body and our planet.

We show customers through our products that they can feel luxurious and pampered without causing harm to themselves or our beautiful planet. The bonus for us and our customers is that we give 10% of every purchase to charity every day of the year! Our customers know that they are paying it forward for future generations, taking care of our earth now, and spoiling themselves too! It may seem like a small impact that we're making, but every positive ripple through multiple generations has a huge beneficial impact!

During my attendance at CSU Chico, my studies focused on the environment, natural resource management, energy systems, environmental issues, and sustainability. I really sat up and took notice of the products I was using, where they were coming from, and how waste from making poor consumer choices truly can affect the lives of so many.

By the time I graduated, I knew that I wanted to affect change by: 

  • Making a positive difference in the health of the world and its populations
  • Serving people in a positive way through exceptional customer service
  • Reducing my carbon footprint and helping others to reduce theirs
  • Giving back! 

    All that passion for the environment and you chose to make bath and body products? Yes! While working hard to perfect healthy quality products that are sustainable, our body bars evolved into luxurious spa level bars that are now being sold nationwide. We continue to maintain a transparent earth and body friendly business as we grow, with exceptional customer service in mind every time! 

    It was my personal goal to prove that you could indulge in heavenly smells and lush, spa quality body products without the synthetic chemicals and fragrances that flood today's market.   

    We're always on the lookout for even more ways to improve our sustainable practices and heighten the level of earth conscious choices that we make in order to benefit our customers and future generations. 

    Our luxurious spa bars are one of our greatest secret indulgences with the smells of nature from essential oils, and the ability of the natural oils and botanicals to leave your skin feeling soft and glowing. Just hold a bar up to your nose, close your eyes, and you'll see why customers nationwide find a relaxing escape through our skin loving body bars.  

    We are so humbled and grateful to our family, friends, and customers for taking this journey with us. We have a lot of energy for doing good in the world, and affecting change is a big challenge in today's fast-paced world. We intend to make a difference, and we can't wait to share our growing line of bath and body products with you and your family! 

    Much love and blessings,

    Your Beary Sudsy Family



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