Our Mission

Our mission is to offer high quality earth and body friendly beauty products that will make a positive difference in the lives of people and our environment, while allowing us to:

  1. Build the Eco-friendliest bath and body company.
  2. Provide exceptionally skin-tastic products that are great for the skin, and help reduce the global impact on our planet.
  3. Continue our promise to our customers. No synthetic chemicals or fragrances, ever!
  4. Follow our passion for making people happy.
  5. Provide knock your socks off customer service, every time.
  6. Give back a percentage of our earnings to charities.  

In a world filled with chemicals, petroleum, and waste products, you can feel really good about using our products! You'll feel educated and great knowing that you're actively being a good steward of our earth for future generations, AND that every purchase you make gives back to charity!  All that AND you'll feel and smell the amazing quality and purity of our products on your skin.



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