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Better Body Butter - Coconut Oil Free! (8 oz by volume)

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Better Body Butter (Coconut Oil Free)

As requested by customers, here's a new version of our Better Body Butter without Coconut Oil.

It's light to the touch and whipped to creamy, dreamy perfection. 

- Apply desired amount just after you turn your shower water off, and your open pores will just soak it all in while you're left in a daze about how stinkin' soft and silky your skin is.

- Since this version of Better Body Butter has no Coconut Oil, it gets the green light for use on sensitive facial skin!

- Just a tiny dab rubbed into the palms then through your curly locks will leave those bouncy curls super soft while reducing or eliminating frizz (for curly haired girls this is a big deal, especially on these crazy rainy days). 

- Get the smaller size option and carry it in your purse for application of dry hands, elbows, and even lips.

This luxurious body butter is hand made with the best fresh Ingredients: Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Yarrow Root, Leucidal Liquid SF (natural preservative), and the in stock essential oil of your choice.

This product is sold by weight, but you get to enjoy it by the VOLUME! Our butters are whipped to a delicate perfection, and stuffed into an 8 oz mason jar so that you can enjoy your better body butter even longer!

Every batch is hand crafted, unique, and may vary slightly.

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Vegan ~ Cruelty free – Sulfate ~ Paraben Free

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