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Paws With Purpose (set of two) 100% Purchase Donation!

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Each set of paws weigh in at 2.2 oz. Keep them as your reward for having a generous heart, or choose to donate them to our animal charity this month for further fundraising purpose in auction baskets! Regardless, 100% of your purchase price will be donated to the animal charity being supported. <3

If you choose to elevate their giving power, leave a message in the notes section: Empower my Paws!

These sweet paw prints are hand made with the best fresh Ingredients left over from each of our body bars. The ingredients will match the name as announced.

*Saponifies oils into soap and glycerin

** This product may not be vegan if the recipe for the spa bar includes raw organic honey.

Every batch is hand crafted, unique, and may vary slightly.

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Cruelty free–Sulfate and Paraben Free

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