Circlet of Tranquility - A Soaper's Delight
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Circlet of Tranquility - A Soaper's Delight

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This Circlet of Tranquility is a handcrafted beautiful circle of 21 spa bars that is bound to add luxury and excitement to your guests senses at your holiday party.

Display it as shown and let each of your guests pick from the beautiful array of spa bars. It comes with 21 body bars and a deluxe gift for host or hostess in the center (body butter, body scrub, beauty bomb, etc.).

This is the gift of all gifts to bestow upon someone that loves handcrafted soaps and body products.  OR

This beautiful package of beauty products weighs in at just under 10 pounds, and each spa bar is finished and individually wrapped and labeled for your gifting ease.

You get to be the hero of your holiday party by buying earth and body friendly gifts, give to charity through your purchase, and get a full-size gift to keep all for yourself. That's a win win win feeling!

Ingredients: listed on each individual spa bar in your special collection.

Cruelty free–Sulfate and Paraben Free


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